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Pete talks Cold Brew
The ‘bestest’ and freshest cold coffee

Distiller & Product Manager Peter Clarke talks Cold Brew - The 'bestest' and freshest cold coffee

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Pete makes cocktails
Coffee Cynar Flip

Distiller & Product Manager Peter Clarke makes cocktails - Coffee Cynar Flip

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Pete makes cocktails
The ubiquitous Espresso martini

Distiller & Product Manager Peter Clarke makes cocktails - The ubiquitous Espresso martini

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Pete talks cocktails
Espresso in a bottle

Our Distiller and Product Manager, Peter Clarke, talks about our latest innovation Onyx Coffee Platinum, espresso martinis and why it's time to stop batching espresso shots.

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MD Matt Faulkner on Swift & Moore, Drinks Trade and the Future

We're bringing our world- beating capabilities and understanding of Australian crafted coffee to bars; whether it be in the form of a carefully crafted spirts such as our internationally awarding Coffee Vodka or our ground-breaking Onyx Espresso Martini on tap or in a jar.

Since 2012 we have invented, disrupted, innovated and ‘ground out’ a new standard of coffee for the liquor industry in Australia. We have aided the evolution of coffee spirits and now have a responsibility to champion the continued education of the market, venues and consumers alike.

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“Wake Me Up. F**k Me Up” – 35 years since the birth of the Espresso Martini

What we know as the Espresso Martini has been an ever-changing cocktail experience over the decades. But the original, and some say the best, was coined the ‘Vodka Espresso’ in 1983 by Dick Bradsell.
As the tale goes, a pretty blonde lass was sitting by the bar at the Soho Brasserie in London. With her eyes, she coaxed the bartender over and said ‘I need something to wake me up and f**k me up’.

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Distilling it with Pete Clarke

To be the best you’ve gotta train with the best, so we sent our Onyx Spirit Wizard Pete down to the Tasmanian Whisky Academy to do just that. See how he got on...

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A bartender’s weapon against the end of the world

Unhinged leaders, a deluded media and sporadic missile tests. The world needs to cool its jets! But, in the likely turn of events that we are forced to go off grid and seek out the underground, we’ve got you covered...

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The World’s Fastest Cocktail

Mark our words - The world is starting to take notice of nitro infused cocktails. But for its perceived simplicity, the process isn't all as it seems...

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Onyx does World Negroni Week

The term reinvention is thrown around too much in our business. In fact, we'd prefer to say we've taken an all-time classic and just kissed it with our trademark Onyx Cold Brew.

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