The Brewery

Create, innovate, graft & craft. These are the guidelines we follow when we throw on the overalls in the brewery. Take a sneak peak at the process below…

“Made from Beans,Sweat & Cheers”


Bean Selection

Our Onyx blend is a combination of smooth low-acid coffees from South America and refined fruity, full-bodied East African coffees. To round it out we use a mix of beans from Asia that include a unique honey-process.

The Split:
Out of Brazil: Bold chocolate and sweet caramel praline notes.
From Ethiopia: The natural method Djimma contributes a uniquely fermented fruity character.
And India: Our washed coffee binds the blend together with a rich cocoa aftertaste and supremely powerful body.

Onyx coffee is full-bodied, low in acid and as smooth as silk, with a rich finish.

The Roast

We use Espressology Custom Roasters or all of our specialty roasting needs . Having Espressology’s head honcho Ini as an integral part of the Onyx team allows us to ensure we hit international benchmark specifications; with our attention to detail second to none.

We’re proud to say our coffee is roasted to perfection – farm to cup.

The Grind

Our uniform and gentle grinding delivers a consistent particle size.

Our measured cooling fan ensures our coffee is ground under minimal heat while under peak demand. This allows us to grind a lot of coffee beans in a short amount of time, whilst preserving the optimal flavour from the bean.


Our cold brew is produced using a world-leading cold water extraction process, whereby the specialty coffee oils retain their natural smooth, sweet and full-bodied character.

Unlike hot water extraction (like espresso), our cold brewing process leaves behind unwanted bitter oils and fatty acids. This results in a consistently perfect, smooth, 100% pure coffee.

Final Touch

Equal time and effort has been spent on our production facility and our processes. Every single aspect is highly controlled and we use a new-wave filtering technique that gives our cold brew a pristine clarity, without removing the flavours.

We then store in an oxygen free and temperature controlled environment to lock in our bold, trademark Onyx flavour.