The Lab

Create, innovate, graft & craft. These are the guidelines we follow when we throw on the white coat and goggles in the lab. Some of our best times are spent mixing and matching our Coffee flavours with our home-grown spirits to create our flagship flavours. Take a sneak peak at the process below…

“Made from Beans,Sweat & Cheers”


Bean Selection

Our Onyx blend is a combination of smooth low-acid coffees from South America and refined fruity, full-bodied East African coffees. To round it out we use a mix of beans from Asia that include a unique honey-process.

The Split:
Out of Brazil: Bold chocolate and sweet caramel praline notes.
From Ethiopia: The natural method Djimma contributes a uniquely fermented fruity character.
And India: Our washed coffee binds the blend together with a rich cocoa aftertaste and supremely powerful body.

Onyx coffee is full-bodied, low in acid and as smooth as silk, with a rich finish.

The Roast

We use Espressology Custom Roasters or all of our specialty roasting needs . Having Espressology’s head honcho Ini as an integral part of the Onyx team allows us to ensure we hit international benchmark specifications; with our attention to detail second to none.

We’re proud to say our coffee is roasted to perfection – farm to cup.

The Grind

Our uniform and gentle grinding delivers a consistent particle size.

Our measured cooling fan ensures our coffee is ground under minimal heat while under peak demand. This allows us to grind a lot of coffee beans in a short amount of time, whilst preserving the optimal flavour from the bean.


Our cold brew is produced using a world-leading cold water extraction process, whereby the specialty coffee oils retain their natural smooth, sweet and full-bodied character.

Unlike hot water extraction (like espresso), our cold brewing process leaves behind unwanted bitter oils and fatty acids. This results in a consistently perfect, smooth, 100% pure coffee.

Final Touch

Equal time and effort has been spent on our production facility and our processes. Every single aspect is highly controlled and we use a new-wave filtering technique that gives our cold brew a pristine clarity, without removing the flavours.

We then store in an oxygen free and temperature controlled environment to lock in our bold, trademark Onyx flavour.


The Still

Our Portuguese copper pot still is the pride and joy of the Onyx Lab. The pedigree of the creators (Copper Alembic) is such that they have been building copper products for over 180 years and we’re glad we get to reap the benefits.

This imported treasure endured 1.5 million hammer hits to ensure it was shaped to perfection, before it made it’s way across the seas to bring you the Onyx Spirits we all know and love.


We keep it plain and simple to get the best base spirit.

Made from pure Australian wheat ingredients and coupled with our Onyx designed H2O. These two base ingredients make up the start of the Onyx process.


Over three years of consistent research and development have taught us how to ensure our controls are set correctly. We have always maintained that our products are free of preservatives, even if it takes us months longer to nail the magic mix.

Each batch of spirit is tested twice in the lab to make sure that our quality remains A-grade and the most consistent on the market.


The extraction of the good stuff – Distillation separates compounds and is based on hitting the correct boiling points or volatility values of each component. The Ethanol is the first to go, as it boils off, vaporises and is then captured and re-condensed into liquid, which reels off at 90%

With a variety of techniques and spending a lot of time measuring, we have a unique Onyx distillation process that we are proud to call our own.

The Blend

Our end spirit products are blended in specialist vats using our cold brew coffee, vodka, sugar and again our own water. Each batch is rested to allow the flavours to wholly combine before we draw samples that go into our lab for further testing.

Thursdays are our favourite day at Onyx as this is when we taste test the latest products. Always striving to innovate and deliver cutting edge coffee spirits products to our customers.

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