Our Story

The Craftsmen

It’s not just our products that require precision when it comes to the perfect blend. Starting with the Faulkner family duo and bolstered by a team of Central Coast locals – who’s friendships span a total of four decades -The Onyx team all bring their own unique skills, flavours and personalities to the bar…

The History

As the world catches up to the trend of cold brewing coffee to extract the best favours from the beans. We have been plying our trade for almost a decade, beginning with an opportunity to create Australia’s first coffee Liqueur. And what a beginning it was…


Liqueur 01

Our foray into the spirit world was ignited when Mitch and Ini were approached to produce a coffee liqueur. Loving a challenge, they set out to not only create one, but to show the competition they meant business. That original liqueur went on to win the first Gold Medal by an Australian distiller at the critically acclaimed International Wine and Spirit Awards.

Cold Brew 02

With the liqueur selling by the droves out of a private label distillery in the Hunter Valley. We didn’t realise we had the perfect Cold Brew base product until we needed an option for utilising the excess from our liqueur batching.

Having a keen eye for an opportunity, we started mixing up Espresso Martinis with the brew which lead to the aptly named - Onyx Coffee Pure - being sold as the preferred alternative to batching espresso in bars.

When Matt joined the party, we were able to bring the level of production up to commercial level sales, catching the eye of the Merivale Group in the process. With this partnership in place, we had officially created the blueprint for commercial brewing of cold brew and had raised the bar for consistent product delivery.

Innovation 03

With the introduction of Pete and Scaysey to the fold and the cold brew and liqueur under the belt, the Onyx coffee lab started pulsing. First with a coffee vodka. Next, a ready to drink espresso martini jar, Then the world’s first shelf-stable cold brew. Before finally our latest triumph; an ever-evolving espresso martini nitro keg system.

Not only are our Onyx products continually winning awards, but they continue to do so across a broad range of events and categories. A testament to our dedication to quality.

Today 04

We are continuing to build on our repertoire of products, striving to ensure we provide our customers with not only the best coffee spirit products on the market, but the technical know-how to deliver the tools and education to everyone involved. This includes making sure our distributors, our bartenders, our customers and their customers get the very best coffee spirits products in Australia.

Our Home

There’s a pace to the Central Coast that sets us apart from major cities, meaning we can be meticulous with our production and enjoy the things in life that reflect our product: High quality living in a relaxed setting, great coffee and a few drinks with friends and family. We wouldn’t have it any other way…

Our Mission

Onyx Coffee Spirits is proudly born and brewed on the Central Coast, NSW. We are dedicated to producing premium coffee spirits flavours, housing our coffee brewery and distillery under one roof. By leading the coffee cocktail revolution, pushing innovation and having a bit of fun at the same time, we’re dedicated to delivering the best coffee spirits products to Australia and beyond.

We also have – and always will – support Huntington’s NSW. The work they do is integral to helping find a cure for the disease.

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