Onyx Platinum is Espresso in a bottle

Our Distiller and Product Manager, Peter Clarke, talks about our latest innovation Onyx Coffee Platinum, espresso martinis and why it’s time to stop batching espresso shots.

Check out our newest #Innovation below:


Hi, I’m Peter, I’m the Product Manager here at Onyx Coffee Spirits. Today we’re gonna talk about our Onyx Cold Brew Coffee Platinum. Essentially it’s ESPRESSO-IN-A-BOTTLE. We’ve designed our Platinum to mimic the mouthfeel and body that you get from an espresso shot, except you don’t have to stand at the espresso machine to pull out 30-40 shots to fill up a 750 ml bottle.

Also when you’re pulling shots out of an espresso machine & you let them cool down, there’s a lot of acid that develops after the shots cooled down. It makes a pretty acrid and not very good tasting drink -> you’ve got to put more sugar in it to balance out the acidity.

With our cold brew coffee process we retain those natural sugars that you find inside the coffee itself. So you use LESS SUGAR in your cocktail and it’s got a natural sweetness to it. M-I-L-E-S better than letting a shot cool down from the espresso machine. It’ll last 12 weeks in the fridge unopened and once you’ve opened it and started using it for the night, it’ll last 10 days -> just pop the lid back on and put it in the fridge.

Our Onyx Platinum creates the perfect crema for all Espresso Martinis and other shaken cocktails that will last from the bar top to your guests table.

It’ll create a truly Instagram-worthy-cocktail.