Platinum Cold Brew



An evolution – Cold brew meets Espresso.

Platinum is a re-mastering on our renowned Cold Brew Concentrate. A reimagining of coffee for premium cocktails and serious mixologists, housing a mature and powerful coffee experience that when shaken; delivers a world-class crema.

Onyx Coffee Platinum

Onyx - The beans


Brazilian natural, Ethiopian natural, Indian washed

Roast notes:

This coffee is full bodied, low-acid, smooth and rich. Brazil natural process brings chocolate and sweet caramel praline notes; Ethiopian natural process Djimma contributes a unique natural, fermented  fruit complexity while the Indian washed coffee binds the whole blend together with a rich cocoa aftertaste and very powerful body.

Onyx - The brewing


The coffee is ground to a medium-course consistency and steeped in ultra pure reverse osmosis and UV-treated water. The liquid is housed in our 2000L brew tanks in an oxygen-free environment and left to brew over 12 hours. We then pass the liquid through a 3-stage filtration process after which it is crash cooled and stored below 4 degrees.

Brew time – 12 hours

Grind size – Medium

Filtration – Light

Onyx - The finish


Platinum is lightly filtered to allow a higher number of coffee particles to exist in the finished liquid. This results in a wonderfully full-bodied and rounded flavour profile, encompassing the entirety of the flavour characters of each of the beans in the blend.

A light-brown and lowly translucent with a lingering espresso-like aftertaste.

In a cocktail – loads of crema, perfectly balanced and the coffee your espresso martini deserves.

Platinum truly is cold brew meets espresso.