Onyx Spiked Coffee


Onyx Spiked Coffee
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The Why

The world’s first shelf-stable cold brew coffee.

The Story

With the growing demand for Onyx Coffee Pure on a nationwide scale, we had to come up with a product that wouldn’t compromise our dedication to quality. We could have used shortcuts and added preservatives or pasteurised the mix, but there are no shortcuts when it comes to the best.

After months in the lab and countless recipes, not to mention waiting for 18 months with these on the shelf before mixing perfectly fresh coffee cocktails. Our prayers had been answered, with a 12%ABV product that features in your liqueur cabinet, like it was meant to be there all along.

Spiked stays true to our no preservatives or unnecessary additives guarantee and is being served as a simple shake and bake, ready to drink Espresso Martini or in your more elaborate cocktail recipes around the country.

The Experience
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Learn how we make the world’s fastest cocktails, lead the line on innovation and much more…

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