The Immortal Martini

Unhinged leaders, a deluded media and sporadic missile tests. The world needs to cool its jets! But, in the likely turn of events that we are forced to go off grid and seek out the underground, we’ve got you covered.


Onyx Spiked Coffee

The ingredient to ensure your cocktail bunker bar remains uncompromised.

Whether it’s a secret hideout or secret sidebar, Onyx ‘Spiked’ Coffee is the world’s first shelf-stable cold brew.

Check out Spiked in Action!

Why the Spike?

Sure, it could refer to shattering the bottle and using it as a zombie killing weapon, buuuut it’s actually all about the 12% Onyx base spirit, made in our bomb shelter style distillery on the Central Coast.

What’s more. We’ve built Spiked to fit delightfully into the speed rail, saving that all important fridge space. And after four years in the lab, we’ve crafted a blend that doesn’t compromise our infamous cold brew flavour, while avoiding unnecessary additives too.

The Immortal Martini

50ml Onyx Spiked Coffee

30ml Vodka / Rum / Tequila etc.

15ml Liqueur

Spiked Cocktails
An Onyx founding father, Mitch, fashioning an Immortal Espresso Martini with Spiked.
To ensure we prepare you for the inevitable, or just to boost the IQ of your bar’s setup, we’re happy to send you a Spiked sample direct to your door.
Like a taste? Contact us direct on 02 8880 5296 or order up via the enquiries section.