Mark our words – The world is starting to take notice of nitro infused cocktails. But for its perceived simplicity, the process isn’t all as it seems…

The secret to making The World’s Fastest Cocktail is in the meticulous production techniques to get all of the required components in harmony.



To deliver a full-flavoured Espresso Martini poured faster than a flying speedboat, we asked our co-founder Matt Faulkner about the process…

“We have spent the last three years in the Onyx Lab perfecting our nitro infusion. The added advantage of having our spirit-distillery and cold coffee brewery under the one roof means we can control the whole process.

This ensures the synergy between the coffee, spirit and nitro infusion is flawless, meaning nothing but the best leaves our building.” – Says Matt

Nitro technology in the wrong hands can be like a Bond villain stealing the codes to a nuclear missile; tarnishing the whole movement with the same brush.

Meaning it’s our mission to take the utmost care to deliver a premium Espresso Martini; fit for a night out on the town with Roger Moore.

We’ve just finished our first Nitro Espresso Martini trials at hotspots in Sydney and on the Central Coast. We’re looking for our next premier venues to go into, so if you’d like a taste, contact us direct on 02 8880 5296 or in the enquiries section.