It’s already been a huge year for Onyx Coffee Spirits with the development of new technology and distribution processes which will allow them to market across the country and even further across the pond.

But where are they headed and how do they feel about their latest spot in Drinks Trade Magazine which features their new partners Aussie alcohol powerhouse – Swift + Moore Beverages ?

We sat down with Co-founder and Managing Director Matt Faulkner to discuss:

The Drinks Trade spot takes us through the evolution of coffee spirits and in particular the rise and rise of the espresso martini. How important is it for Onyx to be involved in this conversation?

Matt: “We’re bringing our world- beating capabilities and understanding of Australian crafted coffee to bars; whether it be in the form of a carefully crafted spirts such as our internationally awarding Coffee Vodka or our ground-breaking Onyx Espresso Martini on tap or in a jar.

Since 2012 we have invented, disrupted, innovated and ‘ground out’ a new standard of coffee for the liquor industry in Australia. We have aided the evolution of coffee spirits and now have a responsibility to champion the continued education of the market, venues and consumers alike.”

Swift and Moore have recently added you to the arsenal of premium alcohol products? How’s this partnership going to roll out?

Matt: “Swift & Moore understand our passion for the craft; and align with our mantra of making premium Australian made products affordable and accessible to all Australians. Our roll out with Swift & Moore will be a healthy mix of on and off-premise in our uniquely self-complimentary range of spirits; partnering with like-minded retailers to share our journey.

We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with a range of local and international brands under the Swift & Moore umbrella.”

The new Onyx Espresso Martini on tap technology has been catching the eye of the media now. What gives you the advantage over your Competitors?

Matt: “Hard work, experimentation, validation of equipment, agile approach to a complex issue. It’s a case of we’ve done the time and the hard yards on this to know what we’re doing and can demonstrate we know what we’re talking about.

Put simply, it’s the best tasting espresso martini on the market (that we’ve tried) and we know it is out-performing other imitators, both in quality and consistency.

We’ve developed the tech so we can pour thousands in a day and the consistency is second to none. This includes lull-periods which can often be the down-fall of other batched cocktail products.

Being a distillery and commercial cold brewer under one roof, we have the production capability for premium cocktail recipes at serious volumes. We’re given venues of all types access to fantastic cocktail, with great revenue generating potential, delivered with the same speed, process and efficiency as a beer..”

What are the next steps for Onyx in 2018?

Matt: “Onyx Espresso Martini’s in the sky! Stayed tuned and watch this space.”

And finally, what’s the grand plan for the Onyx Brand? 

Matt: “We’re an internationally award-winning brand, but we’re looking to become an iconic Australian export. We’ve begun to partner with the best Australia has to offer and the global partnerships are on the horizon.

Espresso martinis are already on the lips of a global audience, soon this will be accompanied by the Onyx Coffee Spirits brand.”