Pete talks Cold Brew
The 'bestest' and freshest cold coffee

Onyx Cold Brew A full flavour, a clean caffeine hit and a versatile…

Pete makes cocktails
Coffee Cynar Flip

Coffee Cynar Flip Pete says - As the amari/amaro category has become used a lot…

Pete makes cocktails
The ubiquitous Espresso martini

The ubiquitous Espresso martini The ubiquitous Espresso martini Yes, yes... we…

Pete talks cocktails
Espresso in a bottle

Onyx Platinum is Espresso in a bottle Our Distiller and Product Manager, Peter…

MD Matt Faulkner on Swift & Moore, Drinks Trade and the Future

It’s already been a huge year for Onyx Coffee Spirits with the development of…

"Wake Me Up. F**k Me Up" - 35 years since the birth of the Espresso Martini

What we know as the Espresso Martini has been an ever-changing cocktail…