Coffee Cynar Flip

Pete says – As the amari/amaro category has become used a lot more in bars, I thought i’d throw one of my own into the mix by doing a riff on a Cynar Flip. Cold brew coffee and the bitterness of Cynar become a great pairing in this cocktail. The Cynar helps to amplify some slight anice and sweet caramel notes found in Onyx Coffee Platinum. The addition of an egg creates a creamy element to the cocktail with the result giving a rich and silky texture to the drink.

Wikipedia says – Cynar is an apéritif (low sugar, low alcohol, meant to stimulate appetite), and can be consumed by itself, or in a number of cocktails. A variation of the Negroni cocktail uses Cynar in place of Campari. Because of its artichoke component, Cynar is regarded as a digestif as well as an apéritif.

1 part Cynar
1 part Onyx Coffee Platinum
1 whole Egg

– DRY shake
– CHILL your glassware


Hi, I’m Peter, i’m the Product Manager here at Onyx Coffee Spirits.

Today I’m going to make you a Cynar & Coffee Flip using Onyx Coffee Platinum. First we start with our Toby Tin – this is the bottom of our Boston Shaker.

So… this is a great equal-part-er.

We’re going to use 1 part Cynar.
We’re going to use 1 part Onyx Coffee Platinum and use 1 Whole Egg.
Next we’re going to do a DRY SHAKE.
Now let’s add some ICE. And next we’ll garnish with some Nutmeg.

That’s our Coffee & Cynar Flip using Onyx Coffee Platinum. If you’d like to more check out