The ubiquitous Espresso martini

The ubiquitous Espresso martini Yes, yes… we know you know how to make these… but, there’s a few things we need to make clear. As Pete explains, get the coffee component right, keep the recipe simple and double strain to avoid ice chips in your cocktail.

1/4 part Sugar Syrup (1:1)
1 part Vodka
1 part Onyx Coffee Platinum

– DOUBLE STRAIN – Avoid ice chips
– CHILL your glassware – No one likes warm cocktails
– SIMPLE is best – focus on quality of spirit and coffee


Today I’m going to make you an Espresso Martini using our Onyx Coffee Platinum.

Cool thing with this it’s just like Espresso-In-A-Bottle,except you just don’t get that acid that you get from a chilled down espresso shot.

This, with our Cold Brewing Methods creates a nice natural sweetness from the coffee bean itself, so you don’t use as much sugar in the espresso martini cocktail either.

First, i’d like to start with a 1/4 part sugar syrup. That’s just a simple syrup – just a 1 to 1 – equal parts water and sugar.

1 part for the Vodka.
Next we’re going to add an equal part of our Onyx Platinum.
Next we’re going to add our ice and shake.

So there we have our Espresso Martini using Onyx Cold Brew Coffee Platinum.

It creates the perfect crema every time, which will last from the bar top to our guests table top.